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Parts-Mall Corp. started recruiting official dealers all over the world of private brands on full scale from 2009.
Considering with long-term based business relationships and preventing the possibility of over-heated
competiton among customers who are dealing with Parts-Mall private brands, it is necessary to run official
dealerships in each countries with limited customers of value and capacity.

Parts-Mall Corp. plans to promote authorized dealers with distinguished services and collaboration on local
marketing and private brands of Parts-mall Corp. will ultimately be distributed worldwide through authorized
official dealers only.
Applicable Brand
- All kinds of private brands of Parts-Mall Corp. can be nominated.
- Combinations between private brands can be available.
  Click here to download a PDF version of the introduction of private brands.

Basic Policies
- Parts-Mall Corp. runs 2 types of official dealership; General Dealership and Exclusive Dealership and the
  conformity of each types is evaluated according to the market situation.
- Basically, Parts-Mall Corp. is willing to operate maximum 2~3 official dealers in one single market.
- Distinguished services compared to non-dealers are provided.
- Dealership is offered to customers who have the enough purchaing and selling abilities to promote
  Parts-Mall private brands to the market.
- The priority of selecting official dealers is the marketing collaboration to occupy the high level of
  market share.

Advantages To Dealers
- Relevant price difference between official dealers and non-dealers.
- Prior right to be supplied with Parts-Mall private brand products.
- Supporting the marketing activities. (Cost sharing, Promotion materials, etc.)
- The right to use trade marks of Parts-Mall private brands.

Duties of Dealers
- Fullfillment of agreed target amount in the contract.
- Purchasing of other aftermarket brands of which the range is duplicated with Parts-Mall private brands is limited.
- Communicating openly to share the market information
- Marketing activities required

For more information in detail, please contact to the Parts-Mall Corp. export manager in charge of your region.