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Parts-Mall Corp. cooperates with more than 400 customers in worldwide market and is running 18
official dealers of our private brands in over 80 countries all over the world now.
The huge and stable sales network grants a favorable financial stability to Parts-Mall Corp.
and it enables us to realize the economies of scale when we place purchase orders to suppliers.
Economies of scale make us have the competitive prices and Parts-Mall Corp. is commited to
share the profit with our customers.

Annual Performance

2004 - $19 mil.
2005 - $31 mil.
2006 - $36 mil.
2007 - $38 mil.
2008 - $53 mil.
2009 - $58 mil.
2010 - $65.2 mil.

Worldwide Sales Network

Based on the stable volume of sales, Parts-Mall Corp. is able to keep enough stocks to maintain steady
service level and to keep fortifying the competitive power of private brands.
Ultimately, it surely comes back to customer's benefits in each market for mutually successful business.