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Special Price_Promotion from Parts-mall Corp

Dear Our Customers In High Esteemed


We, PARTS MALL CORP, write this email in order to promote stock list applied bargain price for our prime customers.


These days, there have been two special decisions in our side so that we can offer bargain prices for some of items.

Firstly, PARTS MALLs top management decided to provide prime customers with special price for PARTS MALL brands products that have good market demand in order to support customers 4/4 quarters order.

Secondly, PARTS MALL has received cheap price offer for some of common brands like genuine, OEM brand from other Korean supplier and recently, we decided to purchase their stock. Because we could secure quite a good price for some products through this purchase, we decided to share additional profit with our prime customer by offering special price to them.

With these two reasons, now, we can offer fascinating price for more than 4,000 items (293,577 PCS/SET) to main customers as you see through attached file. Please find and review the attachment.

You can see available item, stock qty and bargain price.


Be informed that this is special and temporary promotion based on First come, first served.

So, if you are interested in this promotion, we recommend you to confirm the order soon so that we can surely allot that item with special price for your order.

Thank you for your interests in advance and if you have any question or request, do not hesitate to contact PARTS MALL export managers, mail us at the following email address, promotion@parts-mall.com.



Promotion-DASHI Fuel Injector