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The organization of Parts-mall Corp. serves its customers with products and services that meet the
needs of all kinds of spare parts.
As the leader in Korean spare parts business, Parts-mall Corp. provides primarily our customers with
involvement in wide range and reliable quality.

Beyond the limited boundary of Korean spare parts business, Parts-mall Corp. pursuits to be a
remarkable leading company in worldwide market.
To achieve the vision of Parts-mall Corp., it is necessary to conduct business strategy steadily
and continuously.
Private Brand
Due to business uncertainty of OE/OEM brands and the desire to better serve our global customers
with verified aftermarket brand, Parts-mall Corp. decided to launch high motivated private brands in September, 2003.

Considering with long-term based business relationship and to prevent the possibility of over-heated
competiton among customers who are dealing with Parts-mall private brands, it is necessary to run
official dealership in each countries with limited customers of value and capacity.