Parts-Mall Corp. tries to source reliable spare parts according to customers' needs.
Basically, we are mainly sourcing spare parts from Korean local market mostly because
customers who come to us are looking for made-in-Korea products.
Now a days, the quality level of Chinese products from verified suppliers is getting improved than
before. Accordingly,  to provide our customers with various selections, Parts-Mall Corp.
is only dealing with imported products from China and Taiwan under one of our private brands 
since the quality has been verified through oversea branches.

Over 150 suppliers all over the world is cooperating with Parts-Mall Corp.
to strengthen our private brands.
Based on close relationship with suppliers, we can combine the advantages of each suppliers together
and it enables us to have the widest coverage among all of Korean aftermarket brands
the most competitive prices with reliable quality level.

Suppliers of OEM brands : Over 32
Suppliers of aftermarket brands : Over 142
  - Only for our private brands : Over 91
  - 1st, 2nd, 3rd vendor of OE or OEM factories : Over 23
Suppliers from oversea : Over 34

We, Parts-Mall Corp., are the leading company in Korean aftermarket business and our performance keeps
increasing year by year.
According to our continuously increasing volume of suppliers, the dependency of suppliers on Parts-Mall Corp.
is becoming greater.
High dependency on Parts-Mall Corp. and close relationship allow us to develop new items on demand
through mutual investment and lead them up to our vision together.