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The organization of Parts-Mall Corp. serves its customers with products and services that meet
the needs of all kinds of spare parts (mainly Hyundai parts, Kia parts).
As the leader in Korean automotive spare parts business, Parts-Mall Corp. provides primarily our customers with
involvement in wide range and reliable quality.

Beyond the limit of Korean car parts, Parts-Mall Corp. focuses on covering not only Korean applications
but also Foreign applications such as European and Japanese in order to serve our customers with
one stop service.

The service we are providing is always used to solve customer's needs of searching reliable supplier
on spare parts and it is attributed to our well-organized Purchase Network and Sales Network.

At Parts-Mall Corp., we are putting sincere efforts to create business advantages for you.
Purchase Network
Over 416 suppliers all over the world is cooperating with Parts-Mall Corp. to strengthen our private brands.

Sales Network
Parts-Mall Corp. currently cooperates with more than 400 customers, 73 countries in worldwide market and is running
21 official dealers of our private brands in XX countries all over the world.