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For more than 10 years, Parts-Mall Corp. has been a provider of spare parts for Korean applications such as
We have been trying to be a specialist for all kinds of spare parts not just focusing on a specific part category.
These products have been supplied with various brands of each quality grade from genuine, OEM to
aftermarket ones according to every customers' needs.
The service we are providing is always used to meet customers' needs of searching reliable supplier
on spare parts.

Headquartered in Goyang city, Korea, Parts-Mall employs approximately 150 people worldwide with 5 overseas
branches in South Africa, Malaysia, China, Dubai and Moscow.

With research and development, customer service, and quality management, Parts-Mall Corp. supports around the
globe as they can take the business to the next level.
Corporate Overview
Creating a business advantage for our customers with stable and various solutions especially for aftermarket brands.

Parts-mall Newsroom
For the latest news about Parts-Mall and the remarkable notice to our customers and suppliers.

Private Brands
We invite you to explore our representative private brands which have reliable quality and wide range.
Corporate Spotlight
Year Founded : 1999
Employees : 86
Sales : $73.0 mil. by Dec. 2016
Headquarter : Goyang City, Korea
Worldwide Locations : 5
Warehouse : 12,000 sqm

Corporate Officers
S.D. Ryoo
President and Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial & Administration Officer

C. Park
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

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