How Parts-Mall Corp. is providing solutions of Korean spare parts for customers.

In this increasing period of Korean applications worldwide, the demands for Korean auto spare parts

have been increased accordingly.
But the business of Korean car parts is still mainly involved in OE products.
OE brand business is totally controlled by a few major makers and it's officially distributed through
authorized dealers only.
Therefore, it can always be changeable depending on distribution policy of major makers. Thus, it is not easy

to secure a stable business opportunity.
As time goes by, we are surely expecting that the business of Korean spare parts will follow up the same way
as European and Japanese spare parts business.

For more than 10 years, Parts-Mall Corp. has tried to develop private brand products and have delivered
high leveled service to our customers.
It enables the solutions of Korean auto parts to our customers' needs.

Using our accumulated experience on private brands and intimate business know-how, Parts-Mall Corp.
is able to provide our customers with the most valuable business opportunity with Korean, European and Japanese car parts.
These solutions are ultimately aimed at leading our customers to long-term successful business in the field.

At Parts-Mall Corp., we are putting sincere efforts to create business advantages for you.

Private Brands
We invite you to explore our representative private brands which have reliable qualities and wide ranges.