Parts-Mall Corp. has a long tradition of commitment to quality.
We are proud to be certificated to ISO 9001:2000, the basis of our Quality Management System,
as well as ISD 14001.
In addition, Parts-Mall Corp. employs many other specific quality tools, processes, controls and policies,
that are all developed to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Voluntarily pursued by organizations are committed to customer satisfaction, ISO 9001 certification ensures
the quality of our design, management and service process.
It verifies that our private brand products and services are supplied with documented quality control
procedures that meet global standards.

Parts-Mall Corp. is committed to customer satisfaction and would like to know how well we are doing.
We appreciate your help by taking a moment to respond to our brief survey.
Your responses will be used to assess areas needing improvement.
Your input is completely confidential. Thank you for your time and comments.

Click the links below to view Parts-Mall Corp.'s certificates in PDF format.

ISO 9001:2015 - Parts-Mall Corp.
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ISO 14001:2015 - Parts-Mall Corp.
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Russian EAC Certification - Private brands of Parts-Mall Corp.
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Seal of Excellence, KOTRA - Private brands of Parts-Mall Corp.
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